Whether you’re bringing your family for their first ski on the bunny slopes or challenging your best time in the slalom, seeing your surroundings with clarity can make all the difference. Here’s a list of the top five places to visit with your new goggles from SnowGoggles.com


1. Zermatt – Switzerland

Zermatt is an intimate place that seems to draw out the best that the old-world has to offer. Cozy accommodations and stunning views of the Alps and the Matterhorn make this a place like no other. A trip to Zermatt involves amazing alpine downhill skiing and comfortable Swiss hospitality. Carve the slopes, or enjoy a stroll around the carless streets. If you have a thing for an all-around amazing mountain getaway Zermatt should be your destination.


2. Whistler – Canada

Blackcomb resort, Whistler is by far the largest and highest rated skiing locale in North America. It has a huge variety of activities year-round and a reputation for having something for everyone. Open for nearly half the year, Whistler is known for amazing conditions and long skiing seasons and an attractive warm season as well! Trying to get your kids outdoors, this is the place to do it? Help them tackle the bunny slopes. Want an adult-only holiday? There is a thriving après-ski scene to explore. If Zermatt is the old-world cozy, Whistler is the new-world fun! Whistler was also the host of events in the 2010 Olympic games and has the Olympic park and plaza open to the public. If you want to explore the charm of North American skiing, Whistler is the best of the best.


3. Val D’Isere – France

The three largest ski resorts in Europe are found in France, Val D’Isere is the third largest but that’s not what makes it special. Val D’Isere is lauded as having the best and most consistent conditions for skiing. Good weather and consistently bountiful snowfall create slopes that are simply unmatched anywhere else. Furthermore, despite the resorts incredible size, it remains extremely accessible, remember that Whistler is the largest resort in North America? Val D’Isere is 5 times larger. The location is also extremely English friendly due to a long history of British tourism and is known as one of the friendliest and most inviting resorts of all.


4. Breckenridge – Colorado

Back again in North America, Breckenridge is a true gem having transformed from an old American mining town into a premier skiing destination for many. Frequently rated as the best skiing destination in the United States, Colorado has a lot to offer. Retaining much of its old Victorian-era personality, fans of the historic kind of cozy will be right at home here. This is also a great family vacation destination and the perfect place for beginner skiers to practice on the green and blue slopes. But don’t worry, experts are welcome here too with challenging black and double-black runs that only true ski-masters should try to tackle. Regardless of your skill level, Breckenridge is a great place to add to your ski-destination list.


5. Park City – Utah

Competing with Breckenridge Colorado for your skiing attention is Park City, Utah. Home to two top-notch ski resorts, Park City Mountain and Deer Valley Resort, Park City has no shortage of amazing accommodations. Sharing a similar history to Breckenridge as an old mining town Park City has gone on to develop an additional history as being the host of events in the 2002 Winter Olympics and is the home of the Utah Olympic Park. Almost the Whistler to a Colorado Zermatt, Park city has a fun atmosphere but doesn’t skimp on the promise comfort. Enjoy time with your family on the slopes or in the lodge or go out in the city for a bustling après-ski scene. For the sake of fun and accessibility, Park City is our favorite location here as it’s where we were first introduced to the world of skiing!

Whichever winter wonderland you are planning on visiting this skiing season, make sure pick up your premier snow goggles from us here at SnowgGoggles.com!