We all know what it’s like to hit the slopes in different lighting conditions. The time of
day and the weather impact the way light plays on the snow, impacting skier’s and
snowboarder’s ability to see their surroundings accurately. To maximize visibility on the icy
slopes, snow goggles were invented to reduce the tricks that light can play on the naked eye. To
nobody’s surprise the success of such devices has been long-lived and celebrated the world
over, but the people at Spy wanted to push forward into new areas of innovation. Their new
ACE EC goggles with ONE Lens electrochromic technology makes changing lenses to meet the
conditions an effortless and natural transition.

Anyone who has changed the lenses of a pair of snow goggles probably understands
that it’s not something can be done on the fly. It’s a two-handed affair that requires attention
and dexterity. With the ONE Lens from Spy, adjusting the lens tint is as easy as pressing a
button. This is thanks to the electrochromic technology designed into the lens. Sandwiched
between a persimmon colored outer lens and a clear inner lens is an invisible filament that
becomes increasingly opaque when an electric current is run through it. This filament
accompanied by a power module that is lightweight and conveniently attaches to the goggle
strap makes changing the entire lens tint a one-step process. Switch between three settings to
darken the lens to accommodate three different types of lighting conditions: sunny, mixed, and
flat. The power module has haptic controls and a rechargeable lithium-ion battery.

Skiers and snowboarders can expect to make the most of their winter adventures with
more and more ease as technology advances and brings us into the future with continued
progress and invention. Prioritize visibility and convenience with Spy’s ONE Lens Goggles. As
with all goggles available on SnowGoggles.com, is available with prescription options.
We are proud to announce to launch of the Spy+ Ace EC goggle on SnowGoggles.com
January 2019.

The Spy+ Ace EC goggle is available here with and without prescription lenses.
SnowGoggles.com offers basic distance corrective lenses, bifocals, and state of the art
progressive lenses with advanced Zeiss coatings to ensure you have the best vision on the
slope. If you have any questions about our goggle or prescription options, feel free to message
us anytime at our chat below!