(Zeiss Super White Goggles)

How to care for your Zeiss Snow Goggles:

Precision engineered in Italy, Zeiss lenses are carefully manufactured with special coatings to ensure clear optical performance and to prevent fogging. By properly caring for your Snow Goggles, you can preserve the goggle’s coatings to ensure that you will be able to enjoy them at their peak performance season after season.

The outside of the lens:

Normally, the outside of the lens can be cleaned with lukewarm water, however, if the lens has collected a significant amount of dirt or debris, using a sparing amount of pH-neutral detergent can appropriately clean the lens. After carefully lathering the outside lens, rinse with a gentle water rinse accompanied by light hand scrubbing. Do not use a coarse rag. Using a microfiber cloth is optional. Make sure to only use a pH-neutral detergent on the outside lens, do not use any organic solvents or anti-fog spray. Using such cleaners and sprays can affect the preexisting coatings on the lenses, deteriorating the quality of the product. The use of any solvent on the lenses will void any warranty.

The inside of the lens:

The inside of the lens has already been treated with a Zeiss anti-fog treatment. If the inside becomes dirty or wet you can gently rinse the inside with water and then dry the inside lens with a microfiber cloth. Take caution while drying as rubbing the lens can damage the factory default anti-fog coating, so when drying make sure to use a delicate dabbing technique to get as much moisture as possible and then leave the goggles to dry in a well-ventilated area.

RX Lens Inserts & Oakley Glasses:

If you have prescription inserts, first remove any RX Lens Inserts from your goggles, as the goggles and prescription lenses should be cleaned separately. We recommend cleaning Zeiss optical corrective lenses and all Oakley glasses with Zeiss lens spray available on our site here and a microfiber cloth or Zeiss premoistened wipes. Follow the directions enumerated above for cleaning your Goggles. This will ensure maximum clarity from both your prescription lenses and Zeiss goggles.