Frequently Asked Question

Where are you located?

We are located in Houston, Texas.

Can I stop by?

If you live in the Houston area and would like to visit our facility to discuss an order or to meet with us, shoot us a message!

What is your return policy?
New, unused goggles may be exchanged for a full refund within 14 days of purchase. No shipping fees or other charges are applied to returns. 
Prescription lenses may be exchanged for SnowGoggles credit or swapped for other lenses within 14 days of purchase.
Purchases made from Thanksgiving until New Years even qualify for a 30 day return policy with the above stipulations.
How do you insert prescription lenses into goggles?
We use a special lens retainer, which is removable from the goggle for easy cleaning. We are able to install a variety of lens types including single vision, bifocal, and progressive lenses.
Can you install prescription lenses on children's goggles?

Yes, we can do prescription lenses for children’s snow and ski goggles.

How can we reach you if we have anymore questions?

We try and respond to the chat on this site 24 hours a day, but you can also email us at or 866-894-5917.

What brands do you carry?
We are the exclusive national provider of Zeiss Ski and Snow Goggles in the United States. Zeiss, for over 150 years,  has been a premium optical brand which makes the highest quality optics for microscopes, hunting rifles, binoculars, and camera lenses. Through, Zeiss ski and snow goggles are now available to everyone.
We also carry Spy+ goggles and glasses. We currently distribute Oakley products other than goggles such as the Oakley Wind Jacket, which is a hybrid sunglass meant for the slopes. 
Want to see us carry another brand? Shoot us a message with any suggestions!
My prescription has changed, can you update the lenses in my lens retainer for my ski goggles?
Absolutely! Contact us through our chat or email, and we can get you a price on your lens update.
Do you offer an affiliate program?

If you are interested in representing or Zeiss Ski and Snow Goggles, shoot an email to